Dominion Theatre Seating Plan

The Dominion Theatre is one of the biggest West End venues offering 2,163 seats over two levels. The stalls is the larger, containing rows A to ZZ and a maximum of 50 seats wide. The circle covers rows A to Q, also with a maximum width of 50 seats.

Expect ten stairs down to the auditorium for both the stalls and the circle. Because the two spaces are each divided into blocks, the space is less overwhelming and confusing than it might otherwise be, more like a music venue than a theatre. If you have some spare money and fancy a treat, choose seats near the stage in the middle of the stalls.

If you want the best value head for seats at the back of the stalls, especially those in the centre. As a general rule, seats in the middle near the stage are the best. Seats VV15 and 16 have particularly splendid views, sought after by theatre lovers in the know. And if you’re more than 5’ 6” tall, avoid row A in the dress circle!

There are some boxes in the dress circle too, perfect for motorised chairs and ideal if you prefer to enjoy top quality entertainment in private.